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Golf rangefinder 800Yds, 6X Golf Range Finder Slope with Flag-Lock Vibration Pin Sensor Slope ON/Off and Continuous Scan Rechargeable - Tournament Legal Golf Rangefinder

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Laser Distance Meter 165Ft M/In/Ft)

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I have had this on my "thinking about it" list for quite a while. I just didn't think this would be as useful as it really is. Talk about accurate! This thing is amazing - I've tried it from near to far, and there is no way I get the accuracy with a standard tape that this little guy gives. A quick touch of a button to switch the unit to the front or rear of the unit makes it extremely handy for just placing the end on a wall, or measuring something small while using the front calculation. The laser on this seems really strong - I can see it easily in daylight, and I think I could come up with square footage in a medium home now in about 10 minutes. The display is crisp, backlight when you press buttons for a bit and while it is rechargeable and comes with a micro-usb cable to do so, the charge seems like it will last forever. I just put up a pavilion where I needed to measure corner to corner - not fun without a friend and a standard tape. Instead, I pulled the laser measure out of my (included in addition to the wrist strap) belt carrier and had the job figured in a few minutes. What a game changer. Throw in a bunch of super handy features like angle measurements, area calcs, and even paint calcs (honestly haven't tried that one yet - but will next time...) Another plus with this unit is that it is really nicely sized, I was expecting bigger but it's perfectly sized - just a bit smaller than my hand. I'd buy this again in a heartbeat. Really great value.

Mike Allred

 This is a wonderful product. I am an avid golfer, and I was looking for a device that could get me accurate yardages with slope features to the flag. I have been using My phone for yardages, but the slope feature and how simple it is to use has been a great help.
I have big hands, and this was much more comfortable and easier to use. The Bushnell felt too small for me. I liked the optics better. Much clearer. This was the deciding factor over the two—accurate readings at the range and on the course. I had to get used to the different modes, but easy to use. It claims to be waterproof and fog proof, which is a plus. Feel pretty well built and sturdy. The carrying case it came with started dethreading after a couple of rounds, but it works for now. The price point is the best I have seen by far.
Looking forward to Golf season to use more and more.


Bought this for my boyfriend and he can’t wait to use it. He has had an older one for a while that only does basic yardage distance and was shocked by how much this one can do. He’s been playing around with it outside and comparing it to his older one and they almost always come back with the same yardages.